Romlang-Oberglatt – Damen (F2) 20:14

Datum: 01.10.2017, 15:00 Uhr
Ort: Rumlag
Es spielten: Bolliger, Bühler, Dhensaw, Ebnöther, Hürlimann, Jäggli, Marton, Nedovic Marjana, Ott, Salihu, Zacheo,
Aufrufe: 1331 Mal

SG TV Unterstrass / Rümlang : HC Bülach 20:14

In the first minute of the game Steffi M scored the first goal of what would be a low scoring very defensive half. With a bullet shot right down the middle started off a series of goals that would be literal minutes apart. In the 3rd minute Martini drew a yellow card in a play that ended with TVU tying the match. Around the 5 minute mark TVU finally slipped one past Ramona taking the lead for the first time. During the counter attack within 30 seconds Sabine tied the game again, while putting the pressure back on. Carmen was illegally tackled around the 6 minute mark. This did not result in a penalty, but being offended by this injustice Steffi M quickly scored with another bullet shot making it 2-3. In the next two minutes TVU was on the attack. After a series of great defensive plays and several nice saves by Ramoni TVU finally slipped one past to tie the game. Keeping up the attack for several minutes to the sound of defensive drums Bülach finally lost the ball. The TVU counter attack faltered at the middle line and during our next chance drew a penalty. Arbi made the penalty to make it 3-4. At the 13 minute mark TVU ties the game and two minutes later they take the lead and will not let it go for the remainder of the game. At the 17 minute mark a Bülach attack failed leading to a break-away and a TVU goal. 6-4 for the home team. A minute later Bülach called a time-out and shortly after Käre scored bringing us within 1 goal at 6-5. After holding out for over a minute of pressure we let one slide in making it 7-5. After nearly 5 minutes of back and forth Manu put one in from the left wing making it 7-6. At the 25minute mark TVU had a great chance with a break-away Arbi put down with a brilliant defensive play. At 27:20 with their attack losing steam and a time play signal from the refs being given TVU called a time-out. They came back from the time out and immediately made it 8-6. At just under 29 minutes Arbi made it 8-7 with a penalty shot, but the half ended with another TVU goal. Halftime standings 9-7.

The first half of the second period was a lot more lively. Having started the half with ball possession TVU made it 10-7 at 31 minutes, shortly after Martini caught a 2-minute penalty. This started a flurry of goals by TVU that only settled down in the 38th minute with a score of 16-10 according to the scoreboard and 15-10 according to this correspondent's score card / notes. Not that the penalty time was without chances by Bülach. While shorthanded Moyra had a great chance but unfortunately hit the post and Carmen scored our 8th goal also shorthanded. The rest of the game returned to the defensive style of playing we saw in the first half. Steffi M gave us our 9th 10th and 13th goals while a penalty drawn by Saskia allowed Arbei to make our 11th. Moyra finally beat the post to score goal #12 and with a tumbling shot from the right wing Carmen scored our 14th and final goal. Though the defence played well and Ramoni made a couple of beautiful saves the damage was already done. Final score 20-14.



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